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Merchandise is our Passion

Founded in 2016 by Jarne Brauns, East Merch started as a screen print service for young artists, bands and sports teams. With an eye for well printed merchandise, we saw it as our mission to offer high quality prints in combination with high quality grey goods at fair prices. Through the experience of the past years, we have developed technically in all areas and now offer various printing processes as well as embroidery and weaving. All we need are logos, designs or maybe just vague ideas.

It doesn't matter to us if you are a football club, painter, a graduating class or a metal band knocking on our door - we are happy about every new and soon also satisfied customer. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers, patches and much more: we are not afraid of any challenge and are always available for advice.



To cope with different source materials and always work towards the best possible end result, we have mastered various print and textile finishing processes over the years. These include various types of printing as well as embroidery, weaving and the production of patches. Since not every fabric is suitable for every type of print and the special features of the design in particular, we check the feasibility of every single design to be produced and, in case of doubt, discuss it with the customer and finally develop it into the desired end product.

Screen Printing

With the help of a fine-mesh fabric and a rubber squeegee, the ink is applied during screen printing and thus forms a permanent bond with the fabric.

Discharge Print

Perfectly suited for dark cotton fabrics,
Discharge printing offers the advantage that the motif is not applied to the fabric but embedded by an etching process.


Not every image should be embroidered, but over the years we have gained the necessary knowledge to master digital embroidery in the best possible way and offer everything from personalised shirts to caps and whatever your heart desires. Our embroideries are high quality, durable and therefore look particularly classy.


We mainly use weaving for the production of badges, patches and brand logos. Whether round, rectangular, square or in an individual shape - there are no limits to the look of the product.


Whether it's a band, club or hobby - patches have been a must-have for decades. The patch in all its variations is, next to the printed T-shirt, one of our most sought-after items. Our patches are characterised by an extremely high durability, high haptic & visual quality and variety of shapes.


Prints - Clothing

Embroidery / Weaving



Tour Service

We offer tour-friendly package-solutions: Punctual delivery to the club of choice, reordering at short notice or even arranging sales staff in advance are no problem.


You have a tour or a big event coming up but your own storage capacities are completely exhausted? No problem! We offer the possibility of short-term interim storage to satisfy all parties and to generate neither bottlenecks nor overfilling.

Grey Goods

Not every textile finishing is suitable for every raw material. In order to achieve an overall satisfactory result, we offer a wide range of different raw materials. Both well-known and unknown brands in conventional as well as organic form find the place they deserve with us.

Print Specs

In order to help you find ideas regarding print sizes, positioning and variations, we illustrate our basic possibilities here. If you cannot find the size / alignment you are looking for here, we will be happy to advise you and help you find a solution.